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Branding has eveloved with the printing press, radio, television, internet and computer applications and with technological innovation new avenues have been opened up for all types of solutions. Sensory branding is used to relate to the customer in a more personal way than traditional marketing. In auditory perception as the sense of hearing, sound is used to evoke emotions and feelings to elevate brand influence. For example when sound is matched with a message in a powerful way, the customer will remember it. Many companies and goverment agencies employ the technology of traditional voice or speech recognition which are characterized mostly as dictation, simple command controls or automated agents at phone companies.

Mobil device makers such as Apple, Samsung and Google are demonstrating the potential of voice recognition as an integral part of their operating systems. Such devices are directly controlled by choice of its users, and the techonology is only applied in restricted fields. That is something everyone can relate to, but turning this aspect around, and letting the brand listen to its customer is a new perspective and way to use voice recogntion. By letting custom made commercials listen to their targeted audience, in any type of environment, and by listening to pre-defined specific keywords, the customers are unintentionally but harmlessly triggering targeted commercials by them selves.

In the future billboards with voice recognition, will open the possiblity for consumers to be in control of chosing their own adds and commercials.